It's Easter Time!

Now that spring is here (even though it still doesn't feel like it), Easter is just around the corner! To help celebrate, we've come up with some great deals specials! For a limited time, we will be offering festive baskets full of the delicious goodies we offer at Chicco Baccello. We're making a variety of baskets that will have The Toffee House toffee, our signature coffee and baked goods and some more treats thrown in for good measure.

We offer a variety of easter baskets. Let us know what you're looking for, and we can make one just for you! And not just at Easter time, we would be happy to make a basket for you any time of the year. Just give us a call at (724) 222-2900 or email to get your order started.

We've listened!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in the survey we sent out last month! We received a ton of valuable feedback from it and have already and will be acting upon the results from the survey. As we speak, we are working on a Deli on Main lunch menu based on your feedback. We haven't officially announced anything, but we want to make sure you know that we act on what you suggest to us. We also started making delicious breakfast cookies due to the response we received about carring granola bars.

Let us know

Did you love your recent experience at Chicco Baccello or Deli on Main? Tweet @ChiccoBaccello or tell us on facebook. We also want to hear about what we could have done better last time you visited. Feel free to let us know anytime! We want to make sure you always have the best experience possible, and your voice is the key to ensuring we do just that.